In building an e-business, there are five stages that must be passed by the prospective online business. Ü Organize and establish cooperation with other companies that already exist and mutually beneficial eg from producers who can be expected to supply goods for your company or larger companies provide work or contracts that can be done by your company.

Keywords in this phase are business transformation “and industry convergence”; where due to the increasingly blurred boundaries of existing industry segments, companies can offer various types of products or services that have never been thought before, which in turn can change the core business that is being digelutinya.

Bismillahirahaman ahmad ,, glad to be able to write and share to teman2 through this room, before I was a businessman in the field of household property and achieved tremendous success, home car and other facilities I already have, but his name is a test I strongly believe in all people, until one day I cheated with my own friends and brought everything I had, I finally put the debt to my customers total of 470 million and in the bank total 800 million, I was stressed and almost suicide, I have 2 children still in school smp and sma, my wife went somewhere to leave me and the children, amid the debt bill piling up, for the sake of eating everyday I was forced to sell rice wrap around and cookies, amid the economic crush like this I met a friend and told him, Alhamdulilah he gave advice to me, he said he also like me.

For decision makers, Business Intelligence (BI operational) operations are now becoming increasingly common. Goals should show the level of sales or profits, percentage of gross margin, growth rate, or market share to be achieved. In Business to Client e-Commerce, usually products are sold very diverse.

In this case, both the buyer and the seller are a company and not an individual. And if it does not like and a lot of downside then essential just left behind. They are the people who give you money for using your product or service and without them there will be no business that you can develop.